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Grief Counseling --- The Untitled Sequel -- 1/7

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And now, on to the fic!
Title: Untitled, because I can't think of anything suitable. Suggestions most welcome at any time.
Author: suki_blue
Rating: NC-17 for smut, language and violence.
Summary: The Hellmouth has been quiet while Spike and Xander rebuild their lives, but after two local sisters disappear from their graves in unvampish circumstances, things rapidly go from mildly disconcerting to apocalypse in just 12 days. And the enemy? They're angry, they're in agony, they're everywhere, and they're deader than Spike and Angel put together.

Beta'd by the fantabulastic kitty_poker1. Thank you, hon!

Also mucho thanks to my wonderful partner in fic-related crime, amejisuto, for all her help, and to my darling literati for giving me a big nudge to write this sequel and for re-designing the community with a new look complete with banner and icons and for re-reading the original fic TWICE and providing me with a page full of notes and pointers to keep me on track because I couldn't remember most of what Ame and I had written.

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Marvel -- Thor

Grief Counseling -- Something New

Anyone remember an itty bitty little fic written by myself and amejisuto by the name of griefcounseling? Remember we promised you two epilogues? Well, finally, there's something in the pipeline. Work has begun on an epilogue/one-shot in the Grief Counseling 'verse. It's a brand new story that takes place about six months from where we left you. And to celebrate this event, Ame and I enlisted literati to re-vamp (haha, couldn't resist) the community with a funky new layout, header and icon. Have a look and tell us what you think, because I'm floored by how beautiful it looks.

Thank you, Lit; I can't tell you how much this means to us. You've done the most fantastic and perfect job, and we're touched that you would do this for us.

The fic should be ready to roll in two to three weeks (because it's rather on the massive size and I'll be posting the whole thing in one day) and I hope ya'll be here for it. Spike and Xander thank you for your patience :oD