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Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff


Beta'd by kitty_poker1

“You are so not putting that...that thing in my house!”

Cordelia snorted. “Technically it's Dawn's house and yes, I am. Don't worry, he can room with me. I don't mind. I've gotten used to him.”

Xander groaned and pulled at his hair. “No. There is no way I'm having some pervy ghost that you like to sleep with in this house!”

Cordy glared at him and set a huge quartz crystal down on the coffee table. “Well, we can't just leave him there and he can't stay at the Magic Box. Some of the items on the shelf would get wonky around a ghost. And since he's my friend, he's staying here with me. Don't worry, Phantom Dennis can't talk or howl or anything, and now that we got rid of his hag of a mother he's not nearly as violent with the poltergeist routine.”

“He's really nice, too! He takes care of Cordy and even me when I stay with her.” Fred's Bambi look should be illegal, Xander thought. Those eyes were being used by the two women from LA in a totally underhanded manner.

“Great. Just what we always needed around the house...Casper the Friendly Manservant.” He made the mistake of looking up and caught sight of Cordelia's glare and gave in. “Whatever.” Xander looked up again. “He's not like some ghostly peeping tom is he?”

Fred giggled and Cordelia actually blushed. “He's never said anything...but I must admit it's nice to have someone washing my back in the tub.”

Xander squinched up his face. “EWWW. I so did not need to know that. Please, don't tell me if he washed anything else.”

Cordelia grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at him. “XANDER!!”

He couldn't help it, he cracked up. It felt good to get rid of some of the tension that had built up over the past three weeks. As usual, it seemed as if everything had happened at once. A few more of the Army!vampires had turned up, and while they were no match for Spike and Angel, Dawn was still new to her slaying abilities and had had at least two close calls, both of which had almost given Xander a mild heart attack.

Then there had been the issue of hocking the gold that Spike and Angel had retrieved and going after the rest. That had been a big pain in the ass. Well, lower back, actually. Add in getting the Magic Box ownership transferred over to Wesley and himself and getting the store restocked, as well as getting the LA gang moved and school starting for Dawn, and Xander was ready for a vacation.

The front door slammed and Xander jumped as Dawn came home, her book bag now lying on the floor by the door. “I hate algebra! Why do they even make us take it? They say we'll need it in life but I asked Spike this morning and he said it was a lie. Why can't I just quit school, anyway?”

The teen sat on the end of the couch and crossed her arms and pouted, a gesture that made Xander want to both laugh and cry because it was almost as if Buffy herself had walked into the room. Dawn was going to be taller than her sister and was more willowy, but he could see the resemblance, especially at the moment. Xander couldn't help the fond smile that broke out. "I know it doesn't make much sense, Dawn, I'm not going to lie to you, but still you have to go to school."

Cordelia snorted and stood up. "Besides which, you're a Slayer...the smarter you are the longer you'll live. Although really, even Xander is smarter than most fledges. Oh, thank you, Dennis!"

Xander turned to see Dawn's bag floating up from the floor and moving towards the dining room table where Dawn would usually sit and do her homework. Dawn giggled and Xander bet that good ol' Phantom Dennis had probably waited on her hand and foot whenever she stayed with Cordelia. He rolled his eyes and gave her a look. "Dawn, you need to pick up after yourself, not wait for the ghost to do it for you."

Dawn huffed at him. "You sound like Mom, Xander...it's no big deal."

Xander grinned. "Why thank you, young lady; being compared to Joyce is a compliment, and it is a big deal. You shouldn't expect anyone else to pick up after you...even if it's a ghost. I don't care if Cordy has some strange slave thing going on with Phantom Dennis..." – he ignored Cordelia's rude gesture - "but he's not to pick up after you. That includes your room and your weapons, understand?"

"Yes, Xander." Dawn rolled her eyes. "I guess you want me to actually do the stupid homework, too."

"That would be nice. Or at least fake it."

"I—I can help you, Dawn, if you'd like. I'm good at math and science and stuff."

"You're good at everything, Fred, but yeah, thanks. I have English homework – sonnets or something."

Fred pushed a long strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm not so good with English, I'm afraid; I'm too left brained."

Xander tried not to grin, or even smirk...he had a good idea of someone who was good at that sort of thing, and it wasn't Wesley. Once or twice Spike had quoted Shakespeare. Xander would bet money that the punk vampire knew about sonnets. "Right, you two play with numbers and Cordy can order Invisible Jeeves here around to redecorate or whatever she's going to do...I'm going to see if Spike's awake."

Cordy leered at him, an expression that unnerved him on his ex-girlfriend's face. "Oh, I bet you'll wake him up."

Fred and Dawn giggled and Xander wondered why a demon couldn't attack at moments like this, when he was about to die of embarrassment. "Cordy!"


He opened his mouth to say at least he had a boyfriend but decided that would be exceedingly mean. He might as well save it for a better time. Instead he went up the stairs with dignity, ignoring the girls’ comments.

Well, as much dignity as someone who was about to wake his boyfriend up with a possible blow job could have.


Spike stretched, his body arching under the covers and his arms reaching out over his head. He blinked rapidly to wake himself up and turned his head. “Morning,” he said to Xander.

“Afternoon,” Xander corrected.

Spike smiled at the warm hand that crept under the covers and settled on his bare chest. He hated waking up alone and always appreciated it when he woke to Xander’s comforting presence. His hand covered Xander’s and he squeezed it lightly. “Everything alright? Everyone accounted for?”

Xander nodded and settled down at Spike’s side. “Yep. All is calm on Walton’s Mountain. Hey, you wanna take a trip? I hear any deserted desert island is nice this time of year. Or any time of year. You wanna?”

Spike shrugged as though he was thinking about it. “Hm, sand, coconuts and blazing sunshine. Nice but I don’t think we could afford the sun block.”

“Ah, good point.”

Spike lifted his arm, encouraging Xander closer. He smiled when Xander’s head rested on his shoulder. “Last few weeks have been a right pain, haven’t they?”

“A right pain and a left pain,” Xander answered. “We’ve all been so busy and there’s been so much crap to worry about, I feel like we haven’t had a moment to take a breath.”

Spike smile slyly. “So let’s take one now.” He tipped Xander’s chin up with a tap of his index finger and met his lips with a kiss that was slow and gentle. “Things should be quieter now, eh?” he said when he pulled back. “Everyone’s all moved and the Magic Box is ready to open. Nothing to do now but sit back and-”

“Wait for Angel to tug at our sanity until going postal is our only rational response?”

Spike hesitated while he thought about that. “Granted. Good point. But until that happens…let’sgetyounaked!” The last words were said quickly as Spike sprang, flipping Xander onto his back and making short work of his shirt buttons.

“Spike! The girls!”

“They’re not invited.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Better not have been.” Spike opened Xander’s shirt with all the appreciation of a starving man opening a bag of M&M’s. He ducked his head and sucked on a nipple.

“Oh, fuck. I mean, what if… They could… Uh…”

Spike tongued at the nipple and stroked his hand over the growing bulge in Xander’s pants. “They won’t. Want you, Xan. Right. Now. Wanna touch you. Wanna feel you. Wanna take your cock and-”

Xander scrambled beneath him. “Okay, getting naked now. Getting very, very naked.”

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Spike quickly helped him shed his clothes. There were hands everywhere, moving quickly, feeling their way almost blindly. They kissed deeply, wet and long.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Xander pushed Spike back.

“Bloody hell, what? I’m hard as a rock and ready to go off.” Their relationship had been more than a little physical for a while and although they technically hadn’t fucked yet, they still happily indulged in plenty of other stuff, Xander’s confidence growing everyday.

Xander pressed Spike over and back onto the bed. “I want to blow you.” He was smiling broadly and Spike was sure he caught a wicked glint in his eye.

“Fuck, yes. You go right ahead, luv.” His hand automatically reached to rest on Xander’s head. They’d done this a few times before and it seemed that Xander was keen to hone his skills at sucking cock. Very keen. Xander’s lips slid over the head of Spike’s shaft and down. Spike’s fingers tightened in Xander’s hair and he struggled not to move his hips more than a few centimeters. “That’s it, pet. Fuck, yeah.”

Xander fondled Spike’s balls as he moved up and down.

“Jesus, yes. So good, yeah. Little faster. Fuck.” Spike was well aware that he babbled while on the receiving end of a blowjob, but Xander didn’t seem to mind - quite the opposite, in fact - and Spike was all for active encouragement, especially if it led to Xander doing that thing with his tongue, that thing he was doing now. Spike groaned and moved his hips faster, both hands in Xander’s hair now, combing and petting and tugging.

Xander shifted his weight and settled again, a sure sign that he was going in for the jackpot. Spike noticed that Xander’s hand had stopped touching and teasing him and when looked down he saw Xander jacking himself. Spike wanted that job, but when Xander licked at the soft head of his cock and sank down again, Spike knew he was completely powerless to intervene. Xander had him on a hook and there was no way Spike was getting free. Nor did he want to.

Spike pushed himself up on one elbow to get a better view. “Pet, that is fucking beautiful. God, fuck, yes.” There was a time that Spike would never have considered the sight of Xander Harris going down on him and masturbating would be the single most erotic thing he’d ever seen or experienced. And the beautiful sounds Xander made hitched up the pleasure a thousand times over.

“Oh god, oh god, oh…”

And then Xander took him all the way in. It was the first time he’d managed it and when he swallowed Spike cried out as quietly as possible – which wasn’t all that quietly – and came. It was explosive, as it always was, and when Xander whimpered and tensed, coming over Spike’s leg, Spike cried out again, his hands frantically petting at Xander’s hair, his lips mumbling how gorgeous and hot Xander was.

Panting a little, and sweating a lot, Xander crawled up to collapse over Spike’s chest. “Guh,” he said weakly. “Very guh.”

The corners of Spike’s lips flicked up in a smile. “Agreed. C’mere.”

Xander turned his face up and Spike kissed him.

“That? Was bloody fantastic.”

Xander laughed and put his head back on Spike’s chest. “I’m a quick and reliable study.”

“That you are, luv.” Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s shoulders and held on.

“Sleepy now,” Xander said. “They should put that in pill form.”


“An orgasm in a pill. Take it, have a great time, then snooze. It would be great for depressive people who can’t sleep.”

Xander’s head bobbed up and down as Spike’s chest rose and fell in a chuckle. “We’ve got a couple of hours before we have to move. Pass out for a while, luv.”

“Hmm ‘kay. G’night.”

“Afternoon,” Spike corrected.


Three hours later, in the middle of Shady Hill Cemetery, Spike was very grateful they’d had a couple of hours extra rest.

Xander dusted himself down and dabbed at a tiny cut at his hairline. “Ow and ow.”

“This is getting bloody stupid,” Spike groused, firmly grabbing Xander’s head, inspecting it and ignoring the cry of “Hey!”

“Not that I’m keeping score,” Gunn said, “but that there was a lot o’ vamps.”

“Too many,” Xander agreed, rubbing his head and half-heartedly glaring at his lover.

“I have déjà vu,” Dawn twirled her stake, “except not.”

Wesley nodded. “We’ve been here before. Last night. The night before. Last week.”

Xander sighed and rested against a tombstone. “It’s definitely getting worse. I’ve never seen so many fledges.”

“What really makes me worry,” Spike said, “is how many of these fuckers we’re missing. Their sheer numbers means we’re only taking on one cemetery at any one time. We can’t split up.”

Xander nodded, his eyes widening as he clearly caught on. “How many are rising in the other cemeteries while we’re taking on far too many splinters with these guys?”

“Exactly.” Spike frowned. “And where the hell is Angel?”

Gunn shrugged. “He should be here by now.”

Spike rolled his eyes and tutted. “Typical. Always someone goes missing. Can’t all stick together, can you? Bloody useless bunch of twits.” He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and stared at it. “Uh…Xan?”

“Oh, for the love of… I’ll do it.” Xander pulled out his own phone and held it up for Spike to see. “Pay attention this time.” He pulled up Angel’s cell phone number, pressed the green call button and passed the phone over to Spike. “You can speak to him. Tell him to hurry up.”

Spike took the phone and waited. “Come on, come on, I haven’t got all night,” Spike complained when at first Angel didn’t pick up.


Spike started at the sudden, loud voice in his ear. “It’s Spike. Where are you, you useless tosser?”

“I’ve got a big problem here, Spike. I could really use a hand. Like now!” His voice was breathless.

Spike felt himself tense. There was trouble afoot, no doubt about that. And Spike couldn’t honestly say that he wasn’t entirely expecting it. “What’s happening?”

“I’m surrounded! Ten, fifteen of them.”

Spike didn’t need any further explanation. “Where are you, mate?”

“Outside the Magic Box. Spike, they were waiting for me.”


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